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Care Guide

Caring for your new bed

Proper care will keep your new bed in good condition.  Always follow the manufacturer's assembly/installation instructions & retain the manufacturers care instruction for future reference.  Otherwise the following tips will help you get the best out of your bed during its natural life.

10 Simple steps to looking after your bed

1. Settling to your new bed.......

Your new bed may seem a bit strange at first - it always takes a few days to settle into a new bed.  The chances are that the springs & upholstery in your old bed were not they used to be.  Allow some time for your body to adjust to your new bed and for the fillings to settle.

2. Minimise settlement of fillings

Body indentations in the mattress caused by body weight compressing the fillings are a normal characteristic.  This settlement of fillings can be minimised by the regular turning of the mattress.

3. Turn mattress regularly

It is important that you turn your mattress regularly to aid even filling settlement and to prolong the mattress life.  We recommend that you turn your mattress from side to side & end to end weekly for the first 4 months.  Thereafter it should be turned every month.  If you have a non-turn mattress it can easily be rotated from head to toe, or, if you have a Winter/Summer mattress turn your mattress from side to side and end to end seasonally.



1st week side to side

2nd week end to end

3rd week side to side

4th week end to end

4. Get assistance while turning your mattress

We recommend that you seek assistance.  Apart from the risk of injury to youself, you also run the risk of damaging the springs should you bang, bend or roll the mattress.  this would invalidate your guarantee.

5. Do not bend or roll your mattress

Please avoid any unnecessary rolling or bending of your mattress as it is likely to damage the spring unit an invalidate your guarantee.

6. Allow the mattress to breathe

Our bodies generate over a pint of moisture during the night.  It is important to let your bed breathe to allow this moisture to dissipate.  Simply by turning down the bed clothes in the morning will allow the bed to air.

7. Protect your mattress

We always recommend that you protect your mattress with a suitable mattress protector/cover.  This will help mto protect the surface of your mattress from contact with moisture and the risk of staining.  Also no mattress is guaranteed to be colourfast.  A mattress protector will keep your mattress looking pristine for years to come.

8. Fit castors without excessive force

Please read the instructions supplied with your bed for how to fit castors.  Castors should be tapped lightly home with a rubber mallet.  Avoid excessive force as this can cause damage.

9. Avoid overloading the drawers

Your bed may have drawers - these drawers have been designed to accomodate lightweight items only.  Please do not overload, as excessive weight can cause damage to the runners and may jam the drawers.

10. Refrain from using detergents & vacuum cleaners

We do not advise the use of detergents or chemical cleaners on your mattress as this may bleach or disintegrate the fabric.  Clean your mattress every few months by using a soft brush to remove any dust or fluff.  Never use a vacuum cleaner as this may dislodge the upholstery fillings.  Stains & spillages should be absorbed using a dry cloth or paper towels.  If you do need to sponge your mattress do so only with a damp cloth & a very mild solution of soap & water.